World leaders in the design and manufacture of air intake separators and filtration systems

Our separation and filtration systems are used extensively around the world, protecting equipment from the ingress of salt water and solid contaminants. They are installed on a wide range of naval vessels, commercial ships including cruise ships, offshore oil and gas platforms, and railway rolling stock.

Premaberg products are designed and manufactured to meet customers’ specific needs, under our direct control, and within our factory premises in Halstead, England.


At the heart of a Premaberg air inlet separation and filtration system is the chevron shaped inertial vertical vane which, by combining clever aerodynamic design with a tortuous path and catchment pockets, removes water droplets from air.

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Premaberg has a wealth of experience in supplying air separators and filtration equipment into many varied markets across the world.

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Premaberg engineers are always on hand to provide our customers with technical support and welcome the opportunity to discuss their specific engineering requirements.

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For further information or to discuss a project please call us now on +44 (0) 1787 475651.