As more ships and offshore installations are required to operate in very cold environments, heated vane intake separator design developments have been introduced to ensure that the air inlet systems for machinery and prime movers remain open and the free passage of air is not blocked by a build up of ice or snow.

Premaberg has developed a range of heated vane air intake droplet separators to combat extreme environmental conditions based on its well proven and independently tested range of equipment; built on our experiences established within the marine and offshore markets for over forty years.

The PH120 heated separator offers self limiting electrical heat trace cable on every individual vane for effective prevention of ice and snow build up. Multiple runs of cable through each vane can be utilised, when necessary, for increased heat input for extreme cold temperatures.

The PH120 heated separator guarantees a high degree of moisture droplet removal over a range of droplet sizes. These units are capable of handling a high water loading and they display low pressure drop characteristics.

The Premaberg heated separator has been independently tested to -50°C to gather data and provide proven operational performance for water droplet separation, heating effectiveness and noise characteristics.

Applications include

  • Marine, offshore and coastal HVAC intakes
  • Marine, offshore and coastal Engine intakes

PH120 Heated Droplet Separator Performance Datasheets

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Materials and finishes

  • Marine grade aluminium alloy
  • Stainless steel grade 316L


  • Fully ATEX-approved
  • GOST and CUTR as required
  • Full certification supplied