Premaberg System 200 air inlet separation and filtration systems are designed to offer high efficiency protection for gas turbines, HVAC plant and other machinery from airborne dust particles, salt water droplets and aerosols as encountered in the environment surrounding offshore oil and gas platforms and coastal installations.

The high dust holding capacity and efficiency of the second stage extended surface coalescing filter gives protection and maintainability in arduous service conditions where demanded by the downstream equipment.

System 200 is offered as a fully packaged assembly in many variants. These units may be specified to incorporate optional pre-filter panels, snow hoods, transition duct sections and all necessary instrumentation.

Applications include

  • Naval and marine gas turbine installations
  • Coastal/offshore oil and gas installations
  • HVAC system inlet protection

System 200 Separator Performance Datasheets

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Materials and finishes

  • Marine grade aluminium alloy
  • Stainless steel 316L
  • Powder coat available in a wide range of colours

Ancillary equipment

  • Anti-icing systems
  • Bypass doors
  • Pressure differential monitoring
  • Heat tracing
  • Weather/snow hoods
  • Vermin screens